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Posted on: 2017-09-23

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Wife reaching a squirting orgasm. But it can't be ejaculation fluid, as it smells strongly of urine. Also I wear my panties under my pyjamas and these are unmistakably pee stained when they dry. I am too scared to have any intercourse with my partner because of.

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Also, my girl urinates in certain positions, but not others, and the more intense she is aroused, the more urine is produced. Why do woman experince urinanting when sexing with there partner after one round

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Is there an article that I can show my partner I was horrified that I might pee on his hand Plus, oral is out of the question. And if you are male, you have not had the pleasure of your female partner experiencing this experience.

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T problem the specialist that I see has stated that my kegel muscles are strong. I relaxed immediately agian, obviously everything was fine, but I did say, 'well that's never happened to me' and his reply was a chuckle and he said, 'well then no one's ever done you right' He was thoroughly proud of himself, I was thoroughly satisfied and we never investigated the fluid.

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This causes my vagina to smell and is hot intense squirting webcam reason my boyfriend is put off. Even after all of the research I've done on this topic I still haven't gotten an exact answer, so I plan to just embrace this sexual mystery and maybe there'll be an answer in years to come. Had the same smell, hot intense squirting webcam.

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Problem was contraceptive pills that caused too much estrogen and she got some mycosis. I think that's why I felt the need. When we are about to have sex, I know for a fact, that I do not have to use the bathroom. Sex was enjoyable again

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Leakage of urine at orgasm but not at penetration is particularly linked with having an irritable bladder European Urolog y After coming back from latrine i would cuddle her and made love, hot intense squirting webcam.

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I do find it embarassing as it is very large amounts and the bed has to be changed and mattress dried, annoying when having sex before sleep I have experienced an odorless fluid during orgasm, and also after the first gush fluid that smells somewhat like pee. He loves it and isn't bottered but i am so ashamed and the only doctor i ever talked to about it told me to be glad When my man started to notice it, he was excited that he could make me have such a powerful orgasum that I would pee.

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Lately I have been urinating during sex uncontrolably, but this happens no other time. I have always squirted when I came.

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P thank u for this information I assummed being incontinent whilst having an orgasam wouln,t be treatable. Ladies why are you so worried. Do I have a bladder problem Luckily he doesnt find me completely repulsive.